Newsletter 2012-4

FECC Newsletter 2012-4

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2010/6 Deis Natalis
2010/5 Post Patras


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SERBIA: XXXI 2011 FECCCarnival City
Patras GREECE: XXX 2010 FECCCarnival City
Kotor Budva Montenegro
Ploermel Brittany
FRANCE: 28th 2008
Sousse TUNISIA: 2007 27th
KvarnerRiviera CROATIA: 26th 2006 FECCCarnival City.
Gozo Malta 25th Silver Anniversary
Pernik BULGARIA: 24th 2004

President’s message

Dear friends,

Finally we are in calm waterways after the election of a new executive
international board. First we want to improve our relationship with all our
members. As priority we will produce an actual database, which the last
secretary has forgotten to make this topical. Moreover the new board will
stimulate the activities within the national sections. I look forward in a
fruitful collaboration.

Liebe Freunden,

Endlich sind wir im ruhigen Fahrwasser gekommen nach der Wahl des neues
internationales Vorstandes. Erstens wollen wir unsere Beziehungen mit allen FECC
Mitgliedern verbessern. Als Priorität wollen wir ein aktuelles Database
produzieren, da unserer ehemalige Geschäftsführer dass als Hauptziel vergessen
hat. Weiterhin wird der neue Vorstand die Aktivitäten innerhalb der nationalen
Sektionen anregen.Ich verlasse auf eine fruchtbare zusammenarbeit.

Results 32nd FECC Convention 2012

The 32nd FECC Convention was successful with 130 participants from 18 countries.
The president of the Republic of Macedonia has organised a warm reception for
the members of the FECC praesidium. The FECC praesidium has taken the following
decisions unanimously:

a. Mr.Roland Breyer has lost his title as FECC senator, because he could not
prove  his false statements toward the president.

b. Dr.Stephan Celan, Mayor of Ptuj (Slovenia) has been appointed as honory FECC

the General Assembly the new board and audit committee were elected by an
enormous mayority of 80%.

  • Board; Henry van der Kroon (president)

  • David Brandao ( senior vice president)

  • Branko Brumen (vice president)

  • Lars Algell (Secretary)

  • Aleksander Cicimov (treasurer)

Shown left to right: Lars Algell [Secretary]; Aleksander Cicimov [treasurer] Henry van der Kroon [president]; David Brandao [senior vice president]; & Branko Brumen [vice president]

Audit committee : Guido Hendrickx(B), Gertjan Visser(NL), George Zahra (Malta)

During the General Assembly 33 new members in the various categories were
approved. Mr.Jean Bellion from Luxemburg was unanimously suspended until the
next G.A. for spreading a smearcampaign towards non-FECC members and
diplomats.During this next G.A.he can defend himself and the G.A. can decide the
period of suspension.Mr.Bellion’s attitude has damaged the FECC , thus all the

The coming Dies Natalis 2012 will take place in Gozo (5-7th Oct)

The Dies Natalis 2013 will take place in the Republic of San Marino

The 33th FECC Convention will take place from 8-15th June 2013 in Yambol (BG)

The 34th FECC Convention will take place in Limassol (Cyprus)

Das 32.FECC Treffen war erfolgreich mit 130 Teilnehmer aus 18
Länder.Während dieses Treffen hat der Staatspräsident von Mazedonien einen
Empfang für die Vorstandsmitglieder und die Lqandesvorsitzender organisiert. Das
Präsidium hat die folgenden Massnahmen einstimmig genommen:

a. Herr Roland Breyer hat seinen Senatorstitel verloren, da das
Präsidium einstimmig seine falsche Behautungen gegenüber den Präsident
verurteilt hat.

b.Dr.Stephan Celan,Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Ptuj (Slovenien)
wurde einstimmig ernennet als EHRE-SENATOR.

der Jahreshauptversammlung wurde der neue Vorstand mit grosser Mehrheit (80%)
gewählt und auch die Kassenrevisoren.

  • Vorstand : Henk van der Kroon (Präsident)

  •                  David Brandao (1.Vizepräsident)

    Branko Brumen (2.Vizepräsident)

  •                  Lars Algell (Geschäftsführer)

  •                 Aleksander Cicimov(Schatzmeister)

Kassenrevisoren: Guido Hendrickx(B),Gertjan Visser(NL), George


Während der Jahreshauptversammlung sind 33 neue Mitglieder
gebilligt worden, worunter 4x Kategorie A..

Herr Jean Bellion aus Luxemburg wurde einstimmig durch die

sammlung suspendiert wegen der Distribution von
Verleundungskampagne zu Nicht-FECC Mitglieder, Diplomaten, Gemeinden,
Karnevalsgesellschaften und Interesanten via Internet.Dies beschädigt ernsthaft
die ganze FECC also die Jahreshauptver-


Das DIES NATALIS 2012 findet in Gozo statt von 5.bis 7.Oktober

Das DIES NATALIS 2013 findet statt in der Republik San Marino

Das 33.FECC Treffen findet von 8.bis 15 Juni statt in Yambol

Da 34.FECC Treffen findet statt statt in Limassol (Zypern)


Gozo Malta

32nd  Dies Natalis of FECC will be held between the 5th & the 7th October 2012 on the Island of Gozo, Malta. We have prepared a full and interesting program, which will give you an opportunity to enjoy our rich cultural & historical heritage, our social life and remarkable sea. You will participate in a number of events which are related to the hospitality of Gozo and the Maltese nation.

Programme for Oct 5th-7th


The Mayor of Pernik Ms.Rosica Yanakieva has informed me that there was an
enormous earthquake in Pernik – 5.8 on the Richter scale. Were caused very
serious damages to the buildings and the infrastructure of Pernik Municipality.
Many people lost their homes and are forced to live in tents, vans and even in
passenger cars. For more than a month the damping shocks are almost daily and
with very traumatic effects on the psyche and human health.

Pernik is experiencing an acute need for financial, material and moral support.
The FECC always been associated as a large united family.Could you all help us
with the organizing comprehensive support from all the FECC members. The support
by FECC will enable us to realize the upcoming International Festival of
Masquarade Games “surva’ too.


BIC; CECBBGSF IBAN ; BG49CECB97908460879300



The famous Rotterdam Caribbean Carnival 2012 take place 28th July 2012. The
election of the queen will take place on 21rst July.More than 1 million
spectators are expected.

Der berühmste Rotterdamer Sommerkarneval findet statt am 28.Juli 2012 und die
Wahl der Karnevalskönigin wird stattfindenam 21.Juli 2012, Mann erwarten
1.000.000 Besucher.


The 14th International Summer Carnival Capljina will take place on 4/5th August
2012 with a big parade and various performance on the stages.

email ;
and website:

Der 14.Internationale Sommerkarneval von Capljina findet statt am 4./5.August
2012 mit einem grossen Umzug und Auftritten auf die Bühne.


7th July Belgrade Boat Carnival

7th July Leskovac Summercarnival email:

13/14th July Summercarnival in Vrnjackja Banja

24th August  Children Carnival in Kostolac

25/26th August 4th International Carnival in Pozarevac email:

14/15th Sept. Sabac  Carnival email:

7.Juli Belgrado Schiffkarneval

7.Juli Leskovac Sommerkarneval email ;

13/14.Juli Sommerkarneval in Kurort Vrnjacka Basnja

22.August Kinderkarneval in Kostolac

25./26.August 4.Internationale Karneval in Pozarevac

14./15 September Sabac Sommerkarneval

FECC Attributes

Since we have a new board, we have decided that we will sell all the attributes
via the board. We have in stock all the various FECC hats, FECC ties and FECC


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