The district of Yambol is situated in the Southeastern part of Bulgaria. Lying on an important crossroads, linking Europe to Asia, since ancient times this land has been the home of a large number of different populations, who have all left their marks on the local traditions.
Yambol is the administrative centre of Yambol region. It lies on both banks of the Tundzha River in the historical region of Thrace. The city has a population of 73,000 inhabitants who invite you to experience their many attractions and distinctive hospitality. So come let’s make an unforgettable experience together as fellow members of the FECC which uniquely can claim to shares Yambol’s motto:
“Coming from the remote past; going to the future.”The-Hotels-and-Places_XXXIII-FECC-Convention_June-8-16_2013.pdf

FECC Carnival Cities Capital at the XXXIII Convention
in Yambol, Bulgaria June  8 -16th 2013



2013 FECC Convention @

 DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Destination Bulgaria ( part 3 )
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