Dear Friends, Teams and Members of the FECC Family.

This year, 2015, there will be Election of a new FECC International Board and also Election of a new Audit Committee 2015-2018.

As information I hereby send you the latest info in this matter received to the General Secretarys office in Sigtuna, Sweden.

We have two teams that candidate to be the new FECC Board 2015-2018;

Team A – Henry van der Kroon

Henry van der Kroon, the Netherlands President
Branko Brumen, Slovenia Vice President
Josip Silov, Croatia Vice President
Aleksandar Cicimov, Macedonia Treasurer
Lars Algell, Sweden Secretary General

– adjuncted by the Board:
Marion Hirche, Germany, for special assignments, advisor

Team B – Team David Brandão

David Brandão, Portugal President
William Verhoek, the Netherlands Vice President
Jürgen Schmidt, Germany Vice President
Guido Hendrickx, Belgium Treasurer
Peter Paul Buttigieg, Malta Secretary General

Team A –

has delivered original letter of the nomination 11 February 2015 also CV for each member of the team.

Team B –

has sent email informing about their nomination by mail 10 February 2015.
Original letter of their nomination was received by post to secretarys office 15 February 2015 – 4 days after deadline 11 February 2015. No complete CV yet delivered.

Following the Book of Resolutions we will have to ask the General Assembly if we may make exceptions to our rules so that both teams, also Team B, can participate in the election. (see attachment FECC Protocol General Assembly 2012 – ST 303 RESOLUTION No. 48 Ploermel: 25.05.2008 – “Procedure Candidatures for International Board”)

We have 4 categories of members:

  1. A-20 votes
  2. B- 5 votes
  3. C-3 votes
  4. D-1 vote

Due date for FECC member fee is 31 March 2015 – and absolutely not later than 20 April.

A voting list will be made – current per 30 April 2015 by our Treasurer Aleksandar Cicimov – – or phone +38975339977

If you have any questions about your FECC memberfee please contact Aleksandar Cicimov as soon as possible.

Only FECC members that is on the official voting list dated 30 April 2015 can participate and vote in Presidium Meeting and General Assembly. Please note!!!

Soon more info will follow regarding election and coming FECC Convention in Bol 2015.

Agendas and documents will be sent out not later than 14 days before 11 May 2015 to FECC members that have paid member fee for 2015.

Very kind regards
Lars Algell
Secretary General

FECC International Board
Kardborrvägen 17 B
+46705344000 mobile Sweden

cc Auditors, FECC Members & Family

And finally……:

I do hope that we can look forward to friendship, showing each other respect and that we will have a very good, with positive atmosphere, and fruitful FECC Convention in Bol – also in respect of our host!

Look at the FECC-flag it is always smiling!!!

PS 1.
Positive atmosphere – always this reminder from new boards, elected for 2012-2015, first Board Meeting 2 June 2012
Following the last years of turbulence from outside/inside the board there was a general discussion about avoiding this turbulence within the new board in the future. All board positive to follow. We do all have to try to follow this and work for a positive atmosphere – for the Board and for FECC as organization.

PS 2.
Better act as a friend – than only use the word

PS 3.
Better to show respect – than only use the word

PS. Any questions regarding FECC Convention 8-17 May 2015? – please contact Ivana Boskovic Ivicic by mail – – or phone +385993161468
or look at

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