January 16, 2016


In the month January happens many events in Bulgaria as example  Razlog, Pernik, Radomir, Petrich  etc. Also in the months February and March has old traditions to offer like  Gabrovo, Stroka Luca, Yambol, Tuzla

50-pernik-logoThis year the industrial city of Pernik celebrates her 50th anniversary as organizing the worldwide famous SURVA festival. From all the Balkan countries folkloristic groups will gather. Pernik is the second Bulgarian city who enter the FECC in 1997. The eldest one is RAZLOG. Unanimous the FECC General Assembly has proclaimed that Pernik is the World capital of Surva’s.

The Jubilee-festival in Pernik willbe on 30th and 31th January 2016 in the presence of 3 members of the International FECC Board.
In dem Monat Januar ist viel los in Bulgarien wie z.B. Razlog, Pernik, Radomir, Petrich u.s.w. Auch in der Monaten Februat und Marz hat Bulgarien viel anzubieten wie Gabrovo, Stroka Luba, Yambol, Tuzla u.s.w.

Dieses Jahr feiert die Industriestadt Pernik ihre 50.Jubilaum wie organisierendes AusschuB des beruhmtes Surva’s Festival. Aus alle Balkan Lander versammeln die Folkloristischen Gruppen. Pernik ist die zweite Bulgarische Stadt welcher in 1997 eingetreten ist. Die alteste Stadt ist Razlog.  Einstimmig hat die FECC Generalversammlung Pernik ernennt wie Weltweite Hauptstadt der Surva’s. Das Jubilaum Festival in Pernik findet stat tam 30. und 31.Januar2016 in der Anwesenheit von 3 Mitglieder des Internationales FECC Vorstandes.Pernik-Surva-50th

In de maand Januari is er veel loos in Bulgarije zoals in Razlog, Radomir, Petrich etc. Ook in de maanden Februari en Maart vindt men oude tradities zoals in Gabrovo,Stroka Luka, Yambol. Tuzla etc.  Dit jaar viert de industriestad Pernik haar 50e verjaardag als organiser van de wereldwijde beroemde SURVA’s festival. Vanuit alle Balkanlanden verzamelen zich folkloristiche groepen. Pernik is de tweede Bulgaarse stad die in 1997 zich aansloot bij de FECC. De oudste stad is Razlog. Unaniem heeft de FECC General Assembly Pernik uitgeroepen als de wereldwijde hoofdstad van de Surva’s. Het jubileumfestival wordt gehouden op 30 en 31 jauari a,s. in de aanwezigheid van 3 internationale FECC beastuursleden.

Section FECC Bulgaria:

  • Mrs.Dr.Vyara Tserovska ,national president , kmet Pernik
  • Eng. Krasimir Gerchev ,vice president, kmet Razlog
  • Eng.Georgi Slavocv, vice president, kmet Yambol
  • Mr.Plamen Alekson, vice president, kmet Radomir
  • Kyril Manov, secretary 


Slovenia has exact the same dates as in Western Europe.

Section FECC Slovenia:

CROATIA (Hrvastka)

The famous Croatian carnival is in Rijeka. Groups from Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Slovenia will participate in the large parade on 7th February 2016  from 12.00h until 18.30 h.  Other carnivals you can find in Senkovic, island Pag, Opatija, island Korcula ,Opuzen, Dubrovik, Samobor, Senj etc.

From the city center disappeared Christmas holiday decorations, but immediately they were replaced carnival ribbons and flags that announce that the fifth season of - Rijeka Carnival is upon us. This year's carnival period which traditionally begins raising Pusta 17th of January Hoist and ends on Ash Wednesday, February 10 , gives us a little more than three weeks to "do a" craziest party of the year 2016.
When the city center removed the Christmas holiday decorations, immediately they were replaced with carnival ribbons and flags that announce that the fifth season of – Rijeka Carnival is upon us. This year’s carnival period which traditionally begins raising Pusta 17th of January Hoist and ends on Ash Wednesday, February 10 , gives us a little more than three weeks to “do a” craziest party of the year 2016.


Der beruhmste Kroatische Karneval ist in Rijeka (Schwesterstadt Dormagen). Gruppen aus Osterreich, Italien, Czech Republic, Bulgarien, Serbien, Mazedonien, Bosnien und Slovenien nehmen an den Karnevalsumzug teil am 7.Februar 2016 zwischen 12.00 Uhr und 18.30 Uhr.Andere Karnevals findet mann in Senkovic, Insel Pag, Insel Korcula, Opatija, Opuzen, Dubrovnik, Samobor, Senj u.s.w.

Het beroemste Kroatische carnaval is in Rijeka. Groepen uit Oostenrijk. Italie, Tjechische republiek, Bulgarije. Servie, Macedonie, Bosnie en Slovenie  zullen aan de grote carnavalsoptocht op 7 februari a.s. tussen 12.00 en 18.30 uur deelnemen. Andere carnavals vindt Uin Senkovec, eiland Pag, Opatija, eiland Korcula, Opuzen, Dubrovnik, Samobor, Senj etc.

Sectie FECC Croatia:


The Netherlands have 2 parts namely under and above the large River Rhine. Above is protestant, and the southern part is catholic. Nowadays there is such a medley in The Netherlands that there is no border, but historically is that important for the traditions. Traditional cities are Maastricht, Den Bosch, Breda etc. Then we have the Caribbean carnival in Rotterdam with 1million visitors is not till July but many clubs have pre-Lenten events as well.

Die Niederlande sind in 2 Teilen verteilt namlich unter und oben den grossen Fluss Rhein. Oben ist Protestant and unter ist Katholisch. Heute ist es ein Mischmasch in den Niederlanden und da sind keine Grenzen, aber historisch ist es wichtig fur die Traditionen. Traditionelle Karnevalsstadte sind Maastric ht, Den Bosch, Breda u.s.w.dann gibt es auch noch der Karibische Karneval in Rotterdam mit i Million Besucher.

Nederland is in 2 delen te splitsen n.l. onder en boven de grote rivieren. Boven is ij het algemeen protestant en het zuidelijk deel is katholiek. Tegenwoordig is Nederland een mengelmoes en er zijn geen grenz\en meer, maar historisch is het belangrijk te weten over de tradities. Traditionele carnavalssteden zijn Maastricht, Den Bosch, Breda etc. Dan hebben zij nog het Caribbische carnaval in Rotterdam met 1 miljoen toeschouwers.

Sectie FECC Netherlands :


All the Italian winter carnivals are traditional. Important carnivals are Viareggio, Putignano, Ivrea, Fano, Venice etc. The carnival of Lugagnano (Verona) will take place on 27th and 28th February 2016.

For info you can send an email to :

Furthermore there is a symposium in Viareggio on 3-5th february 2016. For info :

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