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Saturday , 4 june 2016
  • arrival of participants via Berlin/Dresden
  • transfer to the hotel in Cottbus/lunch at the hotel
  • opening night at 8:00 pm at the restaurant in Cottbus/Sielow
  • with program of carnival clubs
Sunday, 9 june 2016
  • ecumenical service at the monastery church
  • flag Parade
  • opening ceremony in front of the City Hall with transfer of the medals for the delegates
  • lunch in Cottbus downtown restaurants
  • and the International Board in the City Hall
  • city tour with dinner followed by a concert in the Conservatory
Monday, 6 june 2016
  • presidium Meeting
  • general Assembly
  • lunch at the hotel
  • workshops: German Carnival history, hall decoration, German dance
  • presentation of new hosts in the City Hall
  • dinner in Kausche
  • “Oktoberfest”-carnival
Tuesday, 7 june 2016
  • visit to the Pueckler Park and Museum
  • photo of all participants
  • picnic in the park and return with the park train
  • visit to the local museum Dissen with Slavic village
  • dinner at the restaurant “ German House” with Sorbian program Wednesday, 8 june 2016
  • bus trip to Zielona Gora
  • spare time
  • visit to the ethnographical open air museum Ochla
  • bus tour back to Cottbus
Thursday, 9 june 2016
  • visit in the power station jänschwalde and in the open coal mine
  • lunch in the power station
  • visit in the adventure park Teichland
  • evening of the colours in Komptendorf
Friday, 10 june 2016
  • visit to the Frauenkirche and boat trip
  • evening of carnival dances in the “Narrenhof” Saturday, 11 june 2016
  • lunch at the hotel
  • closing ceremony at the hotel
Sunday, 12 june 2016
  • departures, transfer to the airports
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