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The Civic Carnival is held every year in September, within the traditional Šabac manifestation “Čivijade” and during the fairs. It lasts for three days and during this time you can see Children’s Carnival, Grand International Carnival, Carnival of Pets, as well as numerous accompanying events (Civic Crunch, Champion, Civic Genius, competition in fast text messaging,
Sabac International Civic Carnival hosts Carnaval groups from over ten countries of the world every year. Each year about 40 caravans will arrive for the International Caribbean Carnival Parade which which features over a thousand performers. The carnival procession together with the accompanying manifestations bring over 100,000 visitors to the Sabac streets. Sabac becomes the capital of good times and fun, the place where everyone can find something for themselves.

Promotion of world carnival in schools

Kostimani representatives of carnival groups and the Federation of European Carnival Cities visit the three schools in Sabac every year, the day before the big international carnival in Civis, where they exchange their experiences with carnival about their carnival. Carnivalists in this way try to bring the significance of carnival costumes to the youth of the town of Sabac and thus to include them in carnival events in their city. This project, whose designer Raduško Jankovic, the main coordinator of our carnival, came across praise throughout Europe and is an example used in other carnival cities in Europe.

Čivija time in elementary schools

Every Civijada begins in the elementary school. The actors of the Sabac Theater, aphrodists and caricaturists, go to three primary schools each year and present children’s chewing spirit through humorous and satire stories, aphorisms, drawing cartoons and short theater sketches.

Circus bike

The  bike is a traditional Serbian game. This bike is different from other cars, because in one place it gathers all the representatives of cultural and artistic societies from our city. Other fellow citizens, representatives of carnival groups and viewers can join him. As such, this bike strives to enter Ginis’s book of records one day. It takes place an hour before the beginning of an international carnival parade in the pedestrian zone.

Craven crunching

Chickpea crunching is a competition in cooking a boiler that takes place on the shores of the Sava. Competitors in this manifestation are people with disabilities, which gives this event a special charm. This competition is organized by the Association of Paraplegics of the Macvan District, and under the auspices of the organizers of the entire event. The jury evaluating the boiler is made up of top experts in culinary specialties and renowned experts in this field.


The championship is held within the Civic Carnival and is a competition in fast eating champagne. Participants from other primary school classes (three students from each class) participate in the competition and are forbidden to help their hands while eating champs quickly. The jury of the charity is composed of representatives of the Federation of European Carnival Cities. The winner gets a gift and a cup.

Civic geniuses

“Civic Geniuses” is a manifestation at which participants release helium balloons with messages of friendship.Since 2015, a novelty has been introduced that instead of messages, students can send the most beautiful joke at their discretion. The nice words about friendship or jokes are written by students of seven grades of elementary schools. The best-selling balloon is awarded by the organizer while the inventor of the balloon gets a weekend in Šabac and an occasional gift from the organizer.

Carnival baby and pregnant woman

The carnival of a baby and pregnant woman is a manifestation that is only known to us only in Sabac. With this manifestation we want to promote the importance of costing from the small feet, and in this way we want to embody the carnival spirit in our youth. We want to get closer to world carnivals, where carnevali have a way of life. The carnival of the baby and the pregnant woman is held alongside the children’s carnival.

Carnival of pets

Carnival of pets is another in a series of events that accompany our carnival and Civijada. In this special event, we want to connect a man and his most loyal friend. Costume is certainly the best way to do it. Carnival of pets is held along with raising a carnival flag and championship.

Why Civic?

Every year, September, in front of the Maloospojinski Sabac Fair is held in Šabac “Čivijada”. It is a cultural and tourist event that has been held since 1968 under the slogan “Belosvetski’s Fair of Humor and Satire”. These manifestations foster the original humor of the people of this region, Macva, Posavotamnava and Pocerina, and of course the town of Sabac as the center of all events. “Chivijada” reflects the spirit of Šapčan and their readiness to joke and toss, both on the stranger and on their own account.

First President of the Republic of the Republic of Mihajlo Mihailo Mile Stankovic proclaimed Sabac a city of open humor and satire. He was succeeded by Branko Ćopić, and Nela Eržišnik, Mija Aleksić, Dragiša Penjin, Milenko Zablaćanski, Dušan Kovačević, Jelisaveta Seka Sablić, Lane Gutović and many others also ruled.

In the list of “Chivia” which is published only for Civijada, all the best creators in the field of humor and satire are regularly represented, not only from Serbia, but also from the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Modern Civijada has more of its program contents: caricature exhibition, International Civic Carnival, promotion of the newspaper “Chivija”, “Ficijada” … and of course the election for the Prime Minister of the Republic of Civic Republic. Each year a prize competition for the best aphorisms, satirical stories and cartoons is also announced. All of these programs are attracting the attention of citizens and tourists, and it is especially interesting to everyone who will be the new “president”.

Čivija in Šabac has a universal meaning where everything in the city stands well, everything is firmer, yet the everything is temporary, as is a joke pulled out of a space we little understand. Yet a joke is a joke but how and when and the hidden and flexible meanings are not known. It’s Carnival time! 

KarnevalSabac.org - Less than a hour from Belgrade Serbia - 3 days of fun & frolic in September

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